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2015-01-01 13:48:45 by CrackerHumps

Alright, so I have 2 minutes and 30 seconds done of my animation. Probably only a few minutes left, but I think I'm going to take a brake from that to make a shorter animation (Like 20 seconds), which will be out much quicker, plus I think it's really funny and well animated. So that's two animations on the way. Also, I post other videos on my YouTube page.

Animation Progress

2014-12-10 14:22:21 by CrackerHumps

I have a little over 1 minute of footage for my upcoming animation done.


2014-10-25 17:11:40 by CrackerHumps

So, I have a patreon set up. It's under the same name as my youtube and newgrounds. I will be posting exclusive concept art and storyboards for upcoming animations. If you choose to support me, that will be greatly appreciated, but either way I will continue to make cartoons and movies. Patreon is just to help me start earning enough money so that I will be able to support myself by making entertainment content for the internet. Thanks, bye!

My Birthday

2014-09-19 15:45:47 by CrackerHumps

Today is my 19th birthday, but even though its my birthday, I'm still working hard on my new animation, though with colledge taking up my time, I don't know if it will be done by halloween or not.

New Cartoons

2014-08-24 21:11:47 by CrackerHumps

So, I'm working on two cartoons. One is a comedy that will come out whenever. The other is a halloween special that I hope to finish in time for halloween. Kay, hugs kisses and all that crap. Peace out

My Birthday

2013-09-19 16:00:42 by CrackerHumps

I am officially 18.

My Youtube Channel

2013-05-04 12:04:39 by CrackerHumps

If you like my Newgrounds page, please support my youtube channel. I have a lot of videos that you can only find on my youtube page.